Tips for Visiting the Dentist for Nervous Patients

We all know that visiting the dentist can be a bit nerve-racking at times but for some of us, visiting the dentist is terrifying and that is perfectly okay. You might feel embarrassed about being nervous about visiting the dentist, but it is far more common than you might think. In fact, around 53% of people in the UK are nervous about visiting the dentist.

We know how difficult it can be to overcome something that causes us anxiety, and that’s why we have put together a list of our top tips for our nervous patients. Check them out below…

Take Support with You

Something as simple as asking someone you trust to come with you for support may make you feel more at ease. Whether it’s just for someone to hold your hand or even speak for you, having someone there for support can make the world of difference.

Tell Your Dentist

Let your dentist know that you are nervous, you will not be the first nervous patient and you will not be the last. Most dentists will have things in place to make the process easier for nervous patients. Your dentist is human, and they also have to visit their own dentist, so they will understand how you feel.

Book Your Appointment Sooner Rather Than Later

You might be tempted to book your appointment as far away as you can but, in the meantime, you will probably be overthinking and worrying yourself. Instead, you might find it less anxiety-inducing to book your appointment at an earlier date and time.

Do Something to Distract Yourself

Whether you just bring along some headphones to listen to music or take a fidget toy, using something to take your mind off it might help you to forget that you are nervous. You could also try asking your dentist to talk to you about what you enjoy such as your favourite TV show. If you are bringing someone with you for support, you can always talk to them to distract yourself.

Use a Safe Word or Action

Using a safe word is a great way to let your dentist know if you need a break but you might not feel confident speaking if you are already nervous. We also know that it is pretty hard to speak when you have tools in your mouth. Why not try agreeing on an action with your dentist to let them know if you want to stop for any reason. Our patients usually raise their hands when they would like us to stop.

Find The Right Dentist

Don’t be afraid to change dentist. Having a dentist that makes you feel more relaxed can make the experience less stressful. You might even be able to find a dentist that specialises in treating nervous patients.

You are in safe hands with us

Let us know if you are a nervous patient and we can work with you to make your visit more enjoyable. Dr Shah’s mission is to provide you with personalised care and is dedicated to improving and maintaining your smile and oral health. Whether you need preventative care, cosmetic dentistry, or oral surgery, you will be in great hands.

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