Laura has over 10k followers on Instagram and wanted whiter teeth to boost her confidence and reduce staining which had occurred over time.

Delighted with the results, Laura left with natural looking white teeth and a prefect smile – super important for all those glamorous Instagram pictures!

Check her Instagram : @thetravellingstomach


Emma Joy

Emma Joy is a Personal Trainer & Micro Influencer in the fitness, health & wellbeing sector based in London. Emma runs the successful Lipstick & Trainers Blog and is an ambassador for all things health!

Emma wanted to brighten her teeth due to staining she had on her top front teeth.

We started her on a Teeth Whitening treatment and she’s already starting to see results!

IG @emajoyx

Mel Adela

Mel blogs about all things travel, food and self love on her blog. With all the people she deals with both in her day job as a marketeer and the influencer events she attends, her smile does a lot of the talking and she is on a mission to make it brighter

IG @mel.adela


Make-up artist, Model and Influencer, Rina Vibez visited us to whiten and brighten her teeth which had discoloured throughout the years.

Rina picked the colour and brightness that she wanted, leaving her with a stunning smile that increased her confidence and wellbeing.

IG @rinavibez